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Platform Weaves

The folders below show our Platform Weaves which create an incredibly strong web, suspended in the spaces between trees.

Elder Arrow Tree Net in Spring

The Elder Arrow

Deep within in a forest in Elder, Georgia, this hand woven platform floats majestically between rock and trees, suspended above boulders and a pond. 


The Picnic Basket Weave

Suspended between trees somewhere in Asheville, North Carolina, this rainbow playhouse hangs patiently, awaiting the joy brought by the use those who cherish the most playful things in life.



The 3 Sisters Weave

Climbing up between 3 Giant Red Oak Sisters, this Tree Weave is one of our favorite projects yet. This ongoing project currently features 5 unique and colorful levels.





The Happy Hollow Weave

Suspended beside a full amenities Tree House in southern Indiana, this platform is woven out of popping retro colors. The platform is fully walled in, with access via a sturdy webbing ladder.