Limited opening angle of Apple Laptops Inhibits Locomotive Freedom

When reading crosslegged on the floor, the natural inclination of the reader is to lean forward and hover over the book they are reading. When using a laptop while seated crosslegged on the floor, the desire is to the do the same; and users of pretty much all laptop computer companies are able to use their computers in this way. Unfortunately for those who use Apple laptops, the limited opening angle of the computer does not allow for the computer to go flat. Here is are two photos that exemplify how this alters and controls your posture, arguably for the worse: [images]

The same is true for someone using their kitchen counter as a standing desk; the reader wants to lean forward on their elbows and look down at what they are using. [image] With an Apple laptop, the user must distance themselves from the computer in order to see the screen head-on, and so they are not able to utilize the desired biomechanics of a standing desk. [image]