River Echeverria

River Echeverria is the creator and mastermind behind Tree Weaves™. He is the person who will most likely pick up the phone when you call, respond to emails, process your orders, oversee safe rigging of all structures, and weave all the platforms fastidiously.

River lives in Asheville North Carolina. He studied to become a Rolfer at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado, and then worked as a Rolfer for several years before taking his knowledge of tensegrity, structure, and elasticity into the forest to start Tree Weaves™.

His interests include slacklining, highlining, net rigging and weaving, streching, yoga, swimming at waterfalls, doing bodywork, playing with others in acro yoga, hiking, foraging, and all things outdoors.

You can follow him on Instagram —> @actualspidermonkey