Controlled Burns

We are huge proponents of doing controlled burns in your private forests, for a number of reasons:

  1. It is beneficial to the forest ecosystem

  2. Reduces amount of bugs, tics, and spiders on your land

  3. Enhances amount and biodiversity of ground cover

  4. Entices deer to come onto your land (there will be more grass and ground cover for them to eat, and they prefer a clean forest floor, because there are less tics, which can carry diseases that harm deer).

  5. It looks far cleaner, and arguably more beautiful after a burn

  6. A thin layer of ash on a broad patch of earth acts like a carbon air filter. As the carbon in the ash layering the ground begins to sink down into the ground because of rain and gravity, a magnetic carbon chain is formed that can last 30 to 100 years! That means that one act of a controlled burn can start a carbon drawdown chain that can filter carbon out of the atmosphere for decades into the future!

  7. More clean forest floor areas for tents, slack lines, and other toys.

  8. It is far more pleasant and doable to go barefoot in a forest that has been burned in the last year.