Our Space Net

Our current npace net is a medium-sized triangular space net. Triangular nets are the most simple style of net to build, and the most diverse and practical in terms of finding suitable places to rig it in nature. They are often referred to lovingly as “space thongs,” because of their itsy-bitsy, thong-like shape. We use our beautiful net for 3 purposes:

  1. Rigging underneath our tree net build sites to use as slackfolding (a temporary web made out of spacenets and slacklines, which we stand on while creating our platforms.)

  2. Setting up at official festivals for goers to enjoy

  3. Rigging it recreationally above water, ground, or canyons for our own enjoyment.

  4. Setting up at events as a suspended stage for use by performers, acrobats, and aerialists.

The perimeter of the net is made of multiple strands of ultra-strong dyneema rope, and is coxcombed for a strength and abrasion resistance. The interior of the net is made of webbing and paracord.

Please enjoy this gallery with photos of our current space net rigged in various locations. We plan to build some bigger, better portable space nets in square and rectangle shapes before summer of 2019. Stay tuned!