Woodstock Weave

The Woodstock Weave (#woodstockweave on instagram) is the first Tree Weave we had the opportunity to build in New York! The project itself is a multi-level playhouse built in Blue, Purple, and Red. The net is accessible via an obstacle course created by Tree-Mendous, which is a NY based company.

The first level is a small triangular platform that is a blend of two blue-hued paracord colors (Caribbean & Light Blue). One can easily step onto the platform through an easily accessible entrance that comes right off of a wooden platform that is in the center of the lively obstacle course. The wooden access-platform is just a few feet off the ground, so one can easily climb onto it (there even a stepping-stump to make it accessible to less confident movers).

The first level is fully walled-in on all 3 sides. The right-hand wall when entering the net is made out of a combination of red and purple webbing and paracord, which makes both a safety wall and a fully functioning ladder. Simply pull yourself up and you arrive on the second level monkey-style.