What is Slackfolding?

Slackfolding is Tree Weaves’ own version of scaffolding. When we first started out building tree nets, we didn’t have the resources to buy and transport real scaffolding made out of metal. We had to innovate. Fortunately, we knew how to rig slacklines and make rudimentary, temporary nets out webbing. Slackfolding is how we are able to create structures so high up that we wouldn’t be able to reach them from standing on the ground; so we stand on a web of slacklines suspended below the structure we are building. When we are done building the tree net, all the slackfolding comes down and goes with us on our way, to the next project. At this point in our process, we almost always utilize at least one space net to make up a portion of our slackfolding. Below is a gallery with photos of various examples of our slackfolding. We rather love slackfolding, because it serves as a fun structure to play on while we build the real deal, and they always provide a million completely new and different ways to stretch.