Breathe - A Slackline and Discovery Fest

Breathe is an incredible gathering that happens every July in Indiana. Slackliners from all across the nation gather with locals from Chicago and Indianapolis seeking magical experiences—and that’s exactly what Breathe provides!

Breathe takes place on a huge property called Stable Studios with 9+ individual, incredibly unique slackline parks, swimming ponds with beaucoup space nets rigged over them, and multiple spaces for unique workshops on a wide range of subjects. In 2018 Tree Weaves got involved as a space net sponsor, and we set up our space net in an easy-to-access, fun, elevated hang out area near the main pond along a busy thoroughfare. Throughout the week, festival goers could be spotted reading, stretching, cuddling, and playing music in the shade on our net.

We are hoping that in 2019 we will be able to build a permanent tree net that will stay on the property and be available for all the Breathe attendees to enjoy for years to come! But for now, check out the photos below of the rig we brought to Breathe 2018. The Model in the first photos is Liz Thomas (@lizasouras on Instagram). The model in the last two pictures is Kimberly Weglin (@theslackgoddess on Instagram).

In addition to the space net we brought and rigged off of trees over a grassy knoll, Breathe fest boasts an impressive array ultra-cool space nets rigged every which way around the property. Below are photos we took of the famous “jelly” space net that gets rigged every year at Breathe, which is just one of the many space nets brought to the festival by passionate slackliners from all around the USA.