Sky World Loft Weave

The Sky World Loft Weave is an indoor Net Loft located in Silicon Valley, CA. It is Tree Weaves’ first net installation in California, and our second indoor Net Loft. The net loft functions as a hang out area above a kitchen/living room in a lofted guest house. The entrance is currently through a handmade webbing ladder that is anchored to the base of the walls, to make the ladder easier to climb.

We used this creation as a way to test out our idea of putting polka-dot style color bursts in nets. Because the client has chosen Rust, Teal, and Caribbean paracord colors, we decided to make the bulk of the net brown, and fill three rope circles in with a blend of the two shades of blue, creating what we interpreted as a land with lakes. We decided to drive that concept home by adding streams to connect the lakes, and eventually decided to blend Fern Green paracord with Rust to achieve an earth-like representation.